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About the Conference

Medical laboratories play an important role in the medical decisions of healthcare providers. The procedures in the laboratories to process patients’ samples and the results affect the overall care given to patients with different issues. From simple infection to chronic and deadly diseases, medical laboratories are crucial part of the healthcare process. 

Quality standards and innovations are two vital instruments in advancing the practice and services of the medical laboratories. Without innovations, medical laboratory procedures will remain primitive and less effective. Without quality standards, there will be no standard procedures and a greater chance of errors will occur. Innovation without following regulations and quality process without embracing innovations is like a building without structure. Without the two, medical laboratory system will collapse, and the chance of building higher structure will not be possible. 

The Medical Laboratory Quality and Innovation Conference are formulated to support the UAE government in evolving the practice and services of medical laboratories in the UAE. This event will intensify the campaign through Scientific Educational program.
This conference is a one full day event that will thoroughly discuss important areas in the maintaining the quality standards of the medical laboratories in accordance with the mandates from the Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS) guidelines. 

Experts will deliver lectures and topics in their expertise to support the ENAS in their initiative to support quality and competence of medical laboratories through continuous medical education.

Target Audience

  • Physicians
  • Pathologists
  • Nurses
  • Medical / Laboratory Technicians
  • Laboratory Directors / Managers
  • Facility Quality Directors / Managers
  • Facility Decision Makers
  • Other Laboratory Staff

Conference Objectives:

  • Facilitate an educational platform to all laboratories in UAE gear towards the mandate of ISO15189.

  • To discuss guidelines and the accreditation criteria for laboratory facilities according to the requirements of ISO15189 and ENAS.

  • To promote coherence amongst medical facilities in UAE through productive and valuable scientific discussion that will encourage and support quality patient care.