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Message from Dr. Mario Patricolo

(1963 - 2019)

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The International Continence Society (ICS) and the ICS - Children and Young Adults Committee (ICS - CYAC) have the privilege to invite you to meet in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in occasion of the: " ICS Course in Transitional Continence Management." Transition Care is a synonym of Adolescent's Care. Adolescence is a delicate phase of life for both boys, girls and their relatives, which entails the need for specific expertise from each discipline caring for patients with continence issues, at this  stage of their development. Patients, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses and Parents, all need to display both knowledge and readiness, fro this phase of bladder and bowel care. The 'philosophy of transition' includes preparing young adults and their relatives to the significant uncertainties and changes, which accompany 'the shift'. The clinical team must encourage and favor decision-making and acceptance of responsibility on the side of the adolescent patient, who no longer is a passive receiver of care from Doctors and Parents, the latter having a progressively smaller role. In different areas of the world and different countries, there is discrepancy in the age at which urological patient should be transitioned from the Pediatric Urologist to the Adult Urologist. Until recently, in our area, pediatric Doctors could see patients up to 13 years of age. Recently the paediatrics age has been raised to 18 years. This highlights and fast-forwards the need to educate those who are not used to deal with adolescents affected by continence issues, with the aim of filling a gap, on "who should do what and how." both on the pediatric and on the adult clinical side.

This course will provide:

- standardization


-pathways for smooth and effective transition

-a 360 degree, approach to all aspects (urological, psychological, environmental, administrative, regulations etc)

We look forward to seeing you all in Abu Dhabi and to experience a productive and useful educational opportunity, as well as enjoy the innumerable attractions which the UAE Capital offers, both on the cultural and touristic stand point. 

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Mario Patricolo

Chairman of the Course