General Guidelines for Abstract Submission

  • The official language of the abstract must be in ENGLISH.

  • Each presenter (mostly the main author) can submit a maximum of two abstracts. Presenting author must register and attend the Congress should the submitted abstract/s are accepted.

  • Abstract/s must be original. If in case that the abstract has been submitted or presented in any national and international conference, the author is responsible for disclosing such information along with the submitted abstract.

  • All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the NeRDiM 2019 Scientific Committee. The announcement of the acceptance/ rejection of the abstracts will be through an email notification only on the period of Notification of Abstract Submission Decision. The Scientific Committee will decide if the accepted abstract will be presented through free paper sessions/ oral presentations or poster presentations. Please read the guidelines of presentation methods.

  • There will be one winner for the accepted abstracts: Best Oral Presentation. The amount of the prize is equivalent for the  expenses of the presenter in their Registration and Accommodation for 2 nights, with the maximum amount of 1,000AED.

Guidelines for Abstract Presentation


Poster presentation sessions will be done during the Congress breaks. Poster presenters are highly recommended to be in their spots during these times to attend the queries from the reviewers.

  • It is the author (s) responsibility to produce the poster and bring it with you to the Congress

  • The poster must be printed in PORTRAIT Layout with the required size below:

84 centimeters

110 centimeters

  • Clear labels must be used for each section using a sans serif (Arial) font style with at least 16-20 font sizes. Content should be readable at a distance of 1.5 meter.

  • The title must be displayed at the top of the poster and should include the names of the author (s) and the institution (s) of origin.

  • The content of the poster must be self- explanatory while the author is free to supplement and discuss particular points when clarification arises.

  • Author (s) is in charge of mounting and taking down the posters. Mounting materials such as pins, tapes, and others will be supplied by the staff of the Congress Secretariat.

  • Abstract posters will be displayed on the specific assigned area during the whole course of the event. 


There will be 2 hours of oral presentation divided in both days of the Congress. Authors will present their reviewed research in a specific topic area assigned by the Scientific Committee.

Presentation Length

Each abstract presenter will be given 10 minutes to discuss the content of their presentation and another 5 minutes for questions and answers with the audience following the presentation. The oral abstract presentation will be moderated by experts in the topic area and they will be responsible for regulating the session. In the event that the presenter will exceed the 10-minute allotted time, the moderator is required to lessen the questions and answers portion.

Presentation, Content Slides, and Format

  • The first slide must be the title page indicating the exact title of the submitted abstract.

  • The second slide must contain the Disclosure Information and this includes all the relationships of the presenting author with for-profit or not-for-profit organizations. If there are no relationships to disclose, a "Nothing to Disclose" phrase must be read. 

  • A suggestive number of slides between 10-12 should be the content of the presentation including the title and disclosure slides. This will give an average of 1 minute per slide. 

  • MS PowerPoint and Apple Keynote are the only formats accepted when submitting your final presentation.


Slide Submission

We highly encourage the submission of the final presentation via email at least 48 hours before your scheduled presentation. An exclusive laptop will be available in the podium for the presentations during the Congress. Speakers and presenters are discouraged to use their own laptops when doing their presentation. There will be a speaker ready room provided if presenters are needed to do modification in their presentations. Final modifications in the initially submitted presentations are accepted at least 2 hours before the scheduled presentation.