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Target Audience

7 CME Hours Accredited by DOH - AD

  • Healthcare Managers

  • Physicians

  • Nurses

  • Allied Healthcare Professionals

  • Healthcare Legal Representatives

  • Medico-Legal / Forensic Physicians

  • Patients' Association Representatives

  • Quality Executives / Managers

About the Conference

Ethics are fundamental in the effective and efficient delivery of healthcare in all parts of the world. From the most advanced country to the developing and third-world country –Ethics in Healthcare attend a debate. There is a thin line between ethical and unethical practices, in which; any action that may traverse this thin line will undermine the ultimate concept of each other that will surely cause imbalance. Any medical action performed by a healthcare professional or a healthcare organization must consistently be under scrutiny to maintain ethical practices. From direct patient information, medical procedures, to selling over the counter medications, with culturally and linguistically diversified country, everything is crucial. 

To be ethical, culture MUST be learned. The UAE is extremely working to address the issue of Healthcare Ethical Practices in the country. This is evident through the creation of the 2016 UAE Medical Malpractice Law in 2016 and MOHAP issuance of resolution approving a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Health Professionals, otherwise known as “2017 Code” in 2017. These action supports one of the pillars of the UAE’ National Agenda in line with Vision 2021 – Providing World Class Healthcare. 

Ethics in Healthcare Conference will discuss outstanding topics addressing numerous crucial and actual aspects of healthcare provision with specific focus on the most significant issues from the region. A panel of expert speakers has been gathered with accurate selection to deliver lectures by those who possess hands-on experience and expertise on each discussed subject. 


  • Discuss the importance of Ethical Standards in the healthcare system and how this aspect affects the provision of care to patients in all healthcare discipline.

  • Explain ethically accepted decisions in the standards of care during end-of-life care, DNR Orders, allowance to natural death and palliative care.

  • Adapt the application of care in accordance with the Ethical Standards and to the accepted guidelines according to the UAE Law.

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and expertise of standardized guidelines and globally accepted Ethical Standards by all healthcare professionals as patient advocates.


Ethics in healthcare Conference identified several topics to discuss. The event will touch the following in accordance with Ethical Standards and discussion in:

  • Hippocratic Oath

  • Value of International Accreditation

  • Organ Transplantation

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence

  • Surgery Practices

  • Cultural Adjusted Healthcare

  • DNR, END of Life Care and Allowance to Natural Death

  • Pregnancy

  • Privacy and Confidentiality in EHR

  • Patient Complaints

  • Child Protection

  • Long Term Care and Rehabilitation

  • Legal Implications in Healthcare